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Breast Augmentation: Can I Afford It?

Breast augmentations are no light change to make, but we believe you deserve to take care of yourself and treat your body the way you’ve always wanted to. It’s our priority to ensure you have payment and financing options so that you can afford the cosmetic procedures you desire.

Three Ways to Pay

Paying cash is more common than some people might think. Saving up after a few years is how many decide to pay for their makeover. Whether it’s by putting aside some of their paychecks or holding off on a few more luxurious expenses.

A credit card is also an option. This way you can have the procedure as soon as you’re ready for it and if you’ve put aside some savings, paying the balance off will be even easier.

Another option is working out a payment plan with the office you are visiting. Our offices do everything possible to keep our costs affordable, but we also work with CareCredit® to provide our patients with multiple financing options that work in their best interests. The credit from them can be used to cover the costs of your procedure after your insurance decides whether or not to make a claim on it. There are several no-interest policies that vary based on the amount. You can apply online and make your decision in just a few minutes.

Scheduling Your Consultation

There are many more questions you are going to have about what it means to pay for your breast augmentation. Most of these questions can be answered during your free consultation which you can schedule with Dr. Baldenhofer in one of our two office locations (New York City and Long Island).

The procedure will cost different amounts depending on the size of the implants and the type of implant you plan on using.

Don’t Feel Guilty

So many patients find their biggest issue with coming in and scheduling their breast augmentation is the guilt that follows. Our office thinks it’s important that you not only feel great about your body but feel great about taking care of your body. Everyone deserves to love the body they’re in and to have the confidence they need to rock their everyday lives. Doing that for yourself is nothing to feel guilty over.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our offices and set up your free consultation today. Our staff is standing by, happy to help and explain all your options.