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Busting Myths About Breast Augmentations

There are several common concerns our patients have when they first come in to discuss the idea of breast augmentations and most of them are based on myths.

All Implants are Large – Myth!

One major misconception is the idea that all breast implants have to be large. The truth is your implants can be whatever size you want. In fact, your implants can even be smaller than what your breasts are now. Our office is here to help you create the image you have in your mind of your ideal self, and your implants can be made to match that.

Modern day technology has been created to help surgeons create the perfect breast size to match the ratio of your body. So, if you’re concerned about proportions, just know that our office has you covered in that aspect as well.

Breast Augmentations and Breast Lifts Are the Same – Myth!

Many patients that come in believe they want a breast augmentation to help a loss of fullness or perkiness in their breast size. This sort of deflation in the breasts can be caused by naturally occurring things such as pregnancy, or even just age, but an implant is not always the only solution to that problem. Often, in this instance, what a patient is looking for in this case is actually a breast lift. Dr. Baldenhofer can go over your best options with you when you come in for your consultation.

Silicon Isn’t Safe – Myth!

There are a few different types of materials that breast implants are made out of, and one of those is, of course, silicon – a safe substance. The idea that silicone is not safe is a myth that originated from the debate of whether or not old silicon models, which were combined with several other materials, were safe as they aged. Modern day implants and silicon, however, are FDA approved and considered an excellent option to consider for your breast augmentation.

Implants Don’t Look Natural – Myth!

Our final and most common myth is the idea that implants are incapable of looking natural. Again, this was based in some historical context because non-natural looking implants were the style a few decades ago, but like most things, this has changed since then. Just like your implant size, your implant style can be created in whatever way you like based on the material you choose and the specifics you and Dr. Baldenhofer discuss during your consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentations, contact either our New York City or Long Island office to schedule your free consultation today.