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Kybella in Manhattan, NYC & Long Island

Liposuction has long been the preferred treatment for the excess fat under the chin that forms a double chin. Kybella® has revolutionized the treatment of double chins by allowing patients to gradually reduce submental fat without surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Craig Baldenhofer, MD, offers Kybella® for men and women in Manhattan, New York City and Long Island.

What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is an injectable treatment that contains a special enzyme that is clinically-proven to gradually destroy fat cells under the chin and along the jawline. Known as “submental fat,” this issue causes a double chin that makes your face look heavier and older. The enzyme in Kybella® occurs naturally in the digestive tract, and its role is to metabolize fat cells. With Kybella®, patients with good skin elasticity can reduce their double chins without liposuction and surgery.

What are the Benefits of Kybella®?

If you are a good candidate for Kybella®, you will enjoy a non-surgical treatment that requires no downtime or incisions. Dr. Baldenhofer enhances the results by performing the procedure with a micro-cannula rather than a small needle. This technique is shown to reduce bruising, tenderness and swelling while improving patient comfort and safety. A micro-cannula also allows Dr. Baldenhofer to more precisely administer Kybella®, so you achieve the best possible results from the treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for Kybella®?

Injections of Kybella® do not tighten the skin, so you should have good skin elasticity to be considered for the treatment. Without elasticity, you will eliminate the fat, but be left with sagging loose skin. The fat in the upper portion of your neck and under the chin needs to be located in front of the neck muscles or the treatment will not be effective.

What Should I Expect from Kybella®?

Using a micro-cannula for Kybella® treatments is quickly becoming the standard for the procedure. Kybella® requires multiple injections along the fat, and the flexible design of a micro-cannula allows us to place the product in several areas with only one insertion into the skin. The technique also produces less tissue trauma compared to needle injections.

After the treatment, your jawline and neck may feel tighter than normal. Multiple treatments are needed, and most patients see results after 16 weeks.

The injections with Kybella® permanently destroy submental fat, but you may develop new fat in the area. We recommend that you follow a healthy lifestyle to enjoy a more toned chin and neck area for many years.

How Much Does Kybella® Cost in Manhattan?

We provide cost information after your free consultation. The procedure is not covered by insurance, so we offer several payment options, including financing  through CareCredit®.

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed about your double chin? We invite you to learn about the non-surgical solution — Kybella®. If you live in Manhattan, New York City or Long Island, contact  us today to schedule your free personal consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Craig Baldenhofer, MD.

*Individual results may vary.