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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Manhattan, NYC & Long Island

Ears are important, not only for hearing, but also for enhancing your appearance. Ears that do not fit well with your features and earlobes that are damaged detract from your appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Craig Baldenhofer, MD, offers otoplasty to people living in Manhattan, New York City and Long Island.

What is Otoplasty?

Your ears frame your head, and having ears that are out of proportion with your other features may draw unwanted attention and teasing. Dr. Baldenhofer offers ear surgery to enhance the shape, size and position of the ears. The outer ears do not contain bones, so the cartilage and skin can easily be modified. Otoplasty can be performed on adults, as well as children who have fully developed ears. The surgery does not change a person’s hearing.

What are the Benefits of Ear Surgery?

The benefits of any individual ear surgery depend on the nature of the problem that is being corrected. The most common techniques are:

  • Reducing overly large ears
  • Pinning ears closer to the head
  • Repairing ear for asymmetry
  • Correcting minor abnormalities in one or both ears

What is Earlobe Repair?

Earlobe repair is another type of ear surgery offered by Dr. Baldenhofer. The procedure is most often performed on adults who have gauged their earlobes or torn the lobe. Children may need earlobe repair if they have suffered an injury during play or sports.

Who is a Good Candidate for Otoplasty?

Any adult can undergo otoplasty. Children should be at least six years old, as this is typically the time when their ears are fully developed.

What Should I Expect from Ear Surgery?

Dr. Baldenhofer performs otoplasty and earlobe repair procedures in our certified in-house surgical suite. For ear reshaping, the incisions are made on the backside of the ear or in the natural crease at the front of the ear. Dr. Baldenhofer may remove, score or reposition the cartilage.

Earlobe repair surgery may require soft tissue to be removed to achieve a natural shape.

You should take steps to protect the ears after otoplasty. The cartilage needs to heal properly to achieve the desired results. Parents should carefully monitor their children until Dr. Baldenhofer determines that the ears are fully healed.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost in Manhattan?

Cosmetic ear surgery is not covered by medical insurance, so we strive to help our patients easily afford the cost. After your consultation, we use the treatment plan to determine the cost. Payment is expected at the time of the surgery. Our payment options include cash, check, credit card and CareCredit® financing.

Feeling uncomfortable about your ears is difficult, whether you are an adult or child. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Craig Baldenhofer, MD, offers ear surgery for adults and children in Manhattan, New York City and Long Island. Contact us today to schedule your free otoplasty consultation.

*Individual results may vary.