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Plastic Surgery and the Social Media Effect

Social media has broadcasted several images of body types and ideas throughout the past few years and brought attention to millions of people everywhere just what about their body they do and don’t like. Like most things, this has both good and bad sides to it, but perhaps the best thing is that social media has encouraged people to chase after their ideal self and increase their own self-confidence.

Increasing Self Awareness

It seems like new social media outlets are constantly popping up with the most mainstream basing their platforms heavily on photography and “selfies.” This constant broadcasting of pictures has people really paying attention to what they do and don’t like about themselves. Professional makeup is a widely popular new activity among people looking to boost their confidence and flaunt their best qualities and plastic surgery isn’t far behind that medium.

Just as much as you can post pictures of yourself on social media, friends and family can also join in. The idea of having a bad picture posted on social media by people around them is what drives many new patients to plastic surgery. They want to chase after their ideal body image and the confidence it takes to be constantly streamed to a worldwide social media platform.

Healthy Body Types

Social media has also been used as a platform to broadcast what healthy body types look like. Plastic surgery has always been used as a way to help patients become healthier and social media provides them with a more clear and defined idea of what they want to strive for. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle definition, or getting a breast augmentation to ease back pains and pressure on one’s spine, plastic surgery is one of the most successful tools in helping people reach their healthiest self.

This Should Be for You

Social media has provided a new way for people to look at themselves. It allows people to really focus on what they love most about themselves while simultaneously providing them with an opportunity to create their most beautiful self and increase their self-confidence. With that in mind, a surgeon’s biggest concern is that what the patient is undergoing is for no one but themselves.

Social media is all about, after all, learning to love oneself and plastic surgery is only helping to further that goal. Everyone should feel comfortable in the body they have and that won’t happen if the procedure taken is for someone other than the patient.

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