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What is the Recovery Like After Liposuction?

Liposuction is a much easier procedure then so many people tend to believe. Recovery usually seems like such a scary term to people, especially for busybodies that can’t take lying in one place for long, but you’ll be relieved by how simple the recovery process for liposuction is.


Dr. Baldenhofer will meet with you after the procedure has been done to go over specific instructions corresponding to your recovery. This will include information on your prescribed post-operative medications, how to care for the surgical site (bandaging, showering, etc.), and when to follow up with our office. This is also the time for you to ask the doctor any questions you may have about returning to your typical routine and how often you may want to check back in with our office.

Home Care

During pre-operative consultations, it will be recommended to you that you have a buddy (family member or friend) selected to help you when you return home to recover. You will not be able to drive after surgery, so it is important that you have someone—typically your recovery buddy—to drive you home.

Have someone to help you get comfortable once you have returned home. The first day of recovery, you’re going to want to rest as much as possible. Make sure there is someone there to make you food or keep snacks within a reachable distance. You will also want to stay hydrated, so having water bottles nearby wherever you set up shop for the night is also recommended.

Some movement is recommended to prevent blood clots, but if you’re going to be up on your feet to get to the bathroom or just take a walk around the bed, make sure you have someone nearby to help.

Recovery Time

Patients are typically able to get out of bed and start walking around normally within one to two days, but a normal amount of exercise should be returned to at a much slower pace. This part relies a lot on listening to your body. Don’t be in a rush to overwork yourself, take things slow and easy.

Most patients with a desk job are able to return to work within one to three days after their procedure. If your job involves something a little more active, you will want to talk to Dr. Baldenhofer about a time frame that is specific to your daily activities.

Patients start to see the beginning of their results after about four weeks, but as their bodies continue to improve, so to do the results. Full results may take up to eight to ten weeks post-operation to see.

If you have any more questions about liposuction, contact either or Manhattan or Long Island office for your free consultation today.